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Hello, guys are you looking for some heart touching breakup status? Then you’re most welcome and we really appreciate your trust you’ve in us. Here you will find the most unique and heart touching status, We don’t post any outdated stuff and we really care about our user’s experience.  Use these breakup status on WhatsApp or any other social networks. It’s all yours.

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Breakup Status 2017


Some mistakes are commited one time.


I’m too bright to shine in dull world.


Just give me time and I’ll get over you.


The heart was made to be broken.


There are certain people who are not meant to fit in your life, No matter how much you want them to be.


I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone.


The most painful memory I’ve is when I walked away and you let me leave.


No more wasting time, thinking about wasted time.


I never hate you for not loving me anymore, But I hate myself for still loving you.


Do you know why a previous relationship is called Ex? It’s not the term Ex it means Expired.


It’s not breakup that hurts the most, It’s the past trauma that follows. It is waking up and checking the phone hoping. Is there any message!


It’s better to be alone than be with someone who makes you feel alone.


Realtionships are very simple. There are only two things that can happen, You either get married or you get Breakup.


It’s hard for me to look at you and thinking we were close & best friends and now I’m nothing for you.


A realtioship is only made for 2 but some forget how to count.


Popular Breakup Status



I feel like somthing just broke.


Most annoying conversation after breakup: Are you mad at me? “No I’m very happy you broke my heart.” 🙁


I don’t miss him/her, I miss who I thought he/she was.


Once you learn to be happy alone, you won’t tolerate anyone who can’t make you just as happy.


I hope we meet again.


It’s better to dream to something you may never have than to lose something you always dreamed of having.


If you can’t save the relationship at least save the pride.


Love is like war, Easy to begin but hard to end.


One day you will want me back, but that will be too late.


Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realise how much they need to fall back together.


People say follow your heart, but which way will you go, if you heart has broken into two?


An eye with dust and a heart with trust always cries.


It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.


Never trust those who never understand your feelings.


A breakup is like a mirror. It’s better to leave it broken than to hurt yourself fixing it.


It’s not good  bye’s that hurts its the flashbacks that follows.


You broke a promise and made me realise that it was a lie.


There is always that person in life that you give several chances, it’s because you love them more than you hate them.


It’s painful to see someone you love with someone else.


Trusting you again is my decision and proving me wrong is your choice.


I hope we can still be friends- the most hurting line after breakup.

Breakup Status Collection


People cry not because they are weak, It’s because they have been strong for so long.


You maybe out of my life, but memories we spent togethe will always remain with me.


Love can’t be proved with Poems, Promises or Presents sometimes, only Pain and Patience can prove it.


Just because I let you go, Doesn’t mean I wanted to.


I hate when people say they miss you, but don’t make an effort to speak to you.


The better the relationship, worst the breakup.


Why I’m so afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine.


Sometimes you have to smile to hold back the tears.


Never put your happiness in someone else’s hand.


My smile is just another word of pain.


Sometimes breakups aren’t meant for makeups, sometimes they are meant for wake-ups.



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